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Defense Against Armed Attackers

Practical defense against attackers with a knife, stick, or handgun

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Defense Against Armed Attackers
Defense Against Armed Attackers


Jun 30, 2019, 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Chesapeake Jeet Kune Do, 211 Providence Road, Ste 13, Chesapeake, VA


We can all agree that the world is not getting any safer for us or our families. The problem is violence is unpredictable and no one is immune. What if there was a way to defend ourselves and our families wherever we are?

On June 30th, register and come out to our practical defense against armed attackers 3-hour clinic. We'll cover the basics for you and your family against knife, stick, and handgun attackers. Additionally, we'll cover real world scenarios against common choke holds and violent attacks.

*25% of all registration fees will be donated to charities supporting our local law enforcement.

*Register before June 23rd. Afterwards, the price increases to $100.


  • Armed Attacker Defense Seminar

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