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CJKD is the provider of CJKDA, an in-person martial arts school operating in Chesapeake and the surrounding areas and the JKDP, an online streaming service of martial arts and fitness lessons available for purchase.

These services are provided only under the terms and conditions set forth herein.

You warrant and represent you are in good physical condition, have no medical reason which may hinder you from utilizing CJKDA and CJKDA and the JKDP or that may impair your health or put you at physical or psychological risk. You warrant and represent that you have no condition that may be damaging to your health, safety, or comfortability. Additionally, you hereby agree that CJKD did not provide you with any medical advice ever and can not advise you on medical conditions, nutrition, diet, or your ability to perform any of the exercises within CJKDA and the JKDP. If you have any medical concerns, you agree that it is your responsibility to consult with a medical professional before beginning this program.  You also agree that it is your responsibility to ensure you conduct any exercises within CJKDA and the JKDP safely and take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of anyone training with you. You agree that you are solely responsible for your safety and the safety of anyone training with you. 

Participation in CJKDA and the JKDP inherently involves risk of injury (including serious bodily harm and death) to yourself and anyone training with you. If you agree that participation in CJKDA and the JKDP is completely voluntary and you assume all risk and agree that CJKD, its related organizations and each of their members, students, staff, volunteers, agents, and contractors will not be liable under any circumstance for any death or injury, including without limitation, personal, bodily, or mental injury, economic loss, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or any other damage, to you or anyone connected to you such as a training partner, a bystander, spouse, children, etc. 

You hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless CJKD, its related organizations and each of their members, students, staff, volunteers, agents, and contractors (each an “Indemnified Person”) against any and all losses, damages, liabilities, claims, costs and expenses (including legal fees and other expenses on a full indemnify basis) which come against or incurred by such Indemnified Person for any injuries or claims mentioned anywhere herein and/or incurred by an Indemnified Person arising from any claim made against an Indemnified Person by another member as the result of or in connection with any and all omissions, acts of negligence, default, or any other actions by you, your student(s), or your training partner(s).

CJKD is not liable to you, your students, or your training partners for any property which is damaged, lost or stolen in use of CJKDA and the JKDP.

CJKDA and the JKDP is available for individuals 18 years old or older. If you are under the age of 18, you should review this Agreement with your parent or guardian and ensure that both you and your parent or guardian understand it and agree to it. Use of CJKDA and the JKDP is not authorized without agreement to the terms and conditions set forth herein by a parent or legal guardian if under the age of 18. You agree that CJKD is not responsible for minors under the age of 19 access the program without agreement or knowledge by a parent or guardian.  

Access to CJKDA and the JKDP does necessitate compatible devices, access to the internet, and other technological requirements. Be advised that your information technology service provider may charge fees for this service.  These information technology providers may charge additional fees for service updates. Note that CJKD is not responsible to ensure you have adequate technological access to CJKDA and the JKDP. CJKD can not guarantee you will be able to access CJKDA and the JKDP with your current device, software, or internet access. You are strongly recommended to maintain the latest version of your internet access and associated technologies. 

If you provide your email, regardless of whether you sign up for a membership, you agree to receive periodic promotional and non-promotional email from CJKD. 

As a registered member of CJKDA and the JKDP, you must establish an account with associated account information that may contain sensitive information. It is up to you to safeguard your personal information including account information such as passwords and usernames. You are responsible for all activity on your account under all circumstances. You agree CJKD is not responsible for any losses that result from unauthorized use of your JKDP member account.  You agree not to share your account information or login information with anyone else for the purposes of sharing access to CJKDA and the JKDP or any other reason. You agree that CJKD may store and utilize the CJKD registration information which you provide for billing purposes. 

Your membership under CJKDA and the JKDP is maintained through the payment of monthly tuition by you, the member. Monthly tuition payments are made on the same day each month via autopay an applied in advance to the next monthly tuition due date. This is the only way to pay monthly tuition. There is no subscription term. You may cancel at any time by notifying CJKD via email at at least 5 days before your next monthly tuition payment. No refunds will be given for previously paid tuition. A cancellation request will take effect the day prior to your next tuition due date. You will be charged no further payments after your cancellation request is submitted. Your monthly tuition will be charged and billed in U.S. dollars. If you fail to pay your monthly tuition, CJKD reserves the right to cancel your access or membership to CJKDA and the JKDP. Additionally, CJKD reserves the right to cancel your membership without notice or refund if you are in breach of the agreement for any reason.

​CJKD reserves the right to terminate this and all agreements with you at any time for any reason and provide a refund for any services paid, but not rendered. After cancelation, you will be unable to access CJKDA and the JKDP. You agree that you will not be entitled to any refunds for months where you paid your monthly tuition and had access to CJKDA and the JKDP or any other services already rendered. Refunds will only apply to services or monthly access paid, but not yet received by you, the member. 

CJKD reserves the right to change CJKDA and the JKDP content options and features partially or wholly at any time without notice. Under no circumstance will CJKD be liable for any losses as a result of such changes.  

You agree not to access or try to access another member’s account or an account to which you have not been granted access. 
You agree not to attempt to hack or obtain unauthorized access to CJKDA and the JKDP network, systems, infrastructure, or attempt to crash the system. 

You agree not to access CJKDA and the JKDP by any means other than the official JKDP website (
You agree CJKDA and the JKDP is to only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes. Any violation of this may result in copyright infringement, civil, and/or criminal liability. 

You may not make copies of or duplicate JKDP content or lessons.

You agree that periodic updates to CJKDA and the JKDP website and software may be required during which time services may be diminished or not available. During such times, as these interruptions are brief and rare, you agree that no refunds will be requested or expected by you, the member. 

You agree that CJKD, the CJKD logo, and other service marks used in connection with CJKDA and the JKDP are pending trademarks or registered trademarks of CJKD. You agree that all content including lessons, products, videos, scripts, lesson curriculum, and all other materials are owned by CJKD, and is protected as intellectual property under law. You may not rent, lease, modify, distribute, duplicate, copy, or use any portion of CJKDA and the JKDP in any other manner besides personal, non-commercial use. BREACH OF THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS OF CJKD WILL RESULT IN CIVIL AND/OR CRIMINAL PENALTIES. 

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