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Start YOUR JKD Journey

The art, science, and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do as passed down by Bruce Lee through his first and second generation students. 

  • JKD Fundamentals

    Every month
    Sunday Only Classes - 4:30pm-6:30pm
    • Learn the fundamentals of JKD from footwork to striking
    • Work your way through the curriculum & test for rank
    • Includes online lessons
  • Monday Night Classes

    Every month
    Add Monday Small Group Classes for advanced training
    • Access to all in-person & online classes
    • *Must be enrolled in Sunday classes to sign up
  • Drop-In Class

    Just a one time fee, no recurring payments
    • Just sign up here and show up to any class!
    • Does not include the online program
    • Perfect if you can't commit to regular classes
  • Online Only Plan

    Every month
    Includes the entire JKD curriculum in online video lessons!
    • Over 40 hours of extremely detailed video lessons!
    • Easy to follow format with progressive drills!
    • Includes common mistakes to avoid & practical applications!




"If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done."

Bruce Lee


Be a part of an active community!

Ben C., Student

Chesepeake JKD is the best place to train in the Hampton roads area!  Everyone I've trained with is friendly, polite, and serious about training without taking themselves too seriously.  The instructor not only has the most correct approach to JKD and self-defense I've seen in the area, but  does not put on airs and demand a cult-like adherence to himself or his art. I cannot recommend this place enough.


Melvin L., Student

I have been taking classes for almost a month now and I enjoy it very much. Rob Doggett is a Great Teacher and Communicator and paces the classes to maximize learning and retention of JKD and Wing Chun! Come in and take a Trial Class and you will not be disappointed!


Andre W., Student

Rob is a very thorough instructor who I hope to learn from for years to come! I appreciate the detailed instruction and how each class is made for the students there. I'm so glad I found this school.


Lamonte W., Student

I just wanted to tell you that I have really enjoyed the JKD classes. The workout portion has greatly helped my fitness goals, and fits in well with my other resistance calisthenics and cardio activities. I have told several friends about your program and how glad I am that I called you that Saturday morning when we first spoke.  


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